“The grey area between black and white”


High fashion and streetwear. An unorthodox fusion of styles that has inevitably upset many veterans in the fashion industry. But we must remember that streetwear has been a pre-eminent subculture of fashion since the early 1990s.


The champions of haute couture (the likes of Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada etc.) have traditionally kept their distance from streetwear. Odd right? Even weirder when we look at the numbers. PwC (Pricewaterhouse Coopers) estimates the size of the global streetwear market at $185 billion by sales, which is estimated to make up approximately 10% of the entire global apparel and footwear market. Big numbers.





But in recent years our prayers were finally answered; the gap between high fashion and streetwear has begun to merge. The birth of street luxury adopted by brands such as Gucci with their statement GG jacquard cotton jacket which takes inspiration from Harlem-based fashion designer Dapper Dan who has styled hip-hop heavyweights from Jay-Z to Salt-N-Pepa.


Luxury brands are now paying attention to streetwear labels, as they recognize the growing influence streetwear has had on millennials, Generation-Z…whatever you want to call them!


One of these labels is Virgil Abloh’s Off-White™.


Founded in Milan, Italy 8 years ago Off-White™ has surpassed all expectations from critics and has cemented itself as one of the hottest brands on the streetwear scene. American designer Virgil Abloh is widely regarded as one the founding fathers of modern streetwear. With a master’s degree in architecture, Abloh has created a brand like no other; truly avant-garde. It is a brand that has seamlessly fused two extremes in streetwear and premium clothing.




The core Off-White™ silhouette is constantly evolving and breaking new boundaries every season; something that the young millennial would find very appealing. However, I think most would agree that the combination of Abloh’s trademark, striking graphics coupled with premium quality material is what most people would associate the brand with. Diagonal arrows, paint sprays, and zebra patterns are the hallmark of the brand. I mean whenever I look at a zebra crossing, I can’t help but think of Off-White™. It is an example of the impeccable execution the brand has and the long-lasting impression it leaves on you.





More recently, Off-White™ opened it’s doors to a flagship store in London, situated on the world-renowned Sloane Street, it is the brand's first standalone shop in the British capital. Space was created by designers at Off-White™ including Virgil Abloh, alongside spatial designer Andrew Taylor-Parr. The 344mq space will offer menswear and womenswear collections from Virgil Abloh’s luxury fashion label. We encourage all DPUS shoppers to check them out for the “aesthetically pleasing, unique retail experience.”





But for all our financially savvy, budget-conscious, and thrifty friends; pay us a visit down at the Old Truman Brewery and cop some of the latest AW20 Off-White™ pieces. Now available in-store and online.


I mean… who doesn’t love a bargain?



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