Dior x Air Jordan

Dior x Air Jordan
Luxury trainers for hyping city streets

As the streets of London get back to normal and the economy springs back into life, a rather big deal took place last week in the world of footwear… although, like most of us, you’re probably just hearing about it now. Christian Dior, one of France’s most esteemed fashion houses, teamed up with Air Jordan for a debut collaboration. And boy oh boy are they nice.
Or should we say they “were” nice, as this exclusive offering sold out like hot cakes. Releasing both a high-top and low-top version, it’s no wonder that more than five million people entered in for the chance to win a pair. But how many pairs were actually available? 8000. Now that’s tough odds by anyone's standard.

Luck of the draw aside, it’s hard to find fault in the trainer's outer aesthetic. Blending the iconic Air Force style with Dior’s tendency for luxury, the Nike tick receives a sizeable upgrade with the French fashion school’s signature embroidered design. Grey on white with a baby blue sole to the base, the colour tones compliment each other beautifully, with the Air Dior logo featuring to the right on the high-top version. 

It’s a classic showcase in luxury contemporary fashion. Casual, street-ready but exclusive enough to have heads turning in the street. Missed the boat? Then have your wallet on standby, as these bad-boys are selling for a whopping $10,000 USD on the secondary market. That’s five times more than retail! We know money talks… but in this case? We’d rather keep stum. 


Writing credit: Oliver Gunns

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